Easiest Way To Learn HTML5 and CSS3 Coding

Hosting Your Website

After creating a website of your own. you would like to publish (upload) that on World Wide Web for viewer to see that. Like everything else, that requires spending some money.To understand the process, let us get familiar with some terminologies first

  1. Client: You are a client and your computer is a client computer to a remote server owned by a web provider.
  2. Server (Web Providers): Servers are companies or organizations who own server computers to seve the clients like us. Some popular names of server companies or web providers are "GoDaddy.com," "Networksolutions.com." These companies rent space on their web servers for you to rent space to host your site.

Next Steps

  1. Before you plan to upload your site, make sure to name your Home Page as Index.html
  2. Buy a Domain Name (name for your site)

For example, go to Networksolutions.com. It will ask you for a domain name. You may write any name you desire. Let us write, WebGraf. It will give you a choice of different suffixes such as WebGraf.co, WebbGraf.com, etc. You choose the name that is available or opt for other names.

It will then ask you to pay for the domain name through various options. Once you make the payment, you will have to buy a hosting service which will cost more. Once you are all set, you are ready to upload your site on their server.The whole thing costs arouund $150 per year.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to do that. This is how I uploaded my training site that you are surfing now.